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Finca La Castellana

Dogs for Adoption

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Adopting a dog from us isn’t complicated at all. The first step to adoption is to decide what sort of dog, age, size, breed, would suit you, your family, your home and your lifestyle. Please take a look through this album of all the dogs we have available for adoption. If you see one that you think would fit your criteria or just love, or you can’t make up your mind, private message us here on our Facebook page. Once you have made contact with us, we will arrange a time and day for you to come to the finca and meet the dog you have chosen or all of them! Once you and the dog have picked each other we will then arrange to visit your house for a home check (during COVID-19 restrictions we are doing virtual home checks). Why do we do home checks? We need to make sure that the prospective home is suitable for the dog’s size, breed and age, and we also need to ensure all outside areas are secure. If your home and the dog you have picked are suited, you can then take the dog home for a two-week trial. We give you this probational period to become used to each other and see if you are suited. We do not want you to feel that, if things don’t work out, you are left with a dog you don’t want, or doesn’t want you. We will stay in contact with you throughout the two weeks, and if all goes well, it’s just a matter of paperwork! You will receive the dog’s passport, a Rivia form for change of ownership if applicable, we will ask you to fill in duplicate adoption forms, of which you will keep a copy. And last but not least, we ask you for a donation. Why do we ask for a donation? Every dog that leaves the finca is vaccinated, micro-chipped and has a passport, which costs us €80. If the dog is old enough to be sterilized, this can cost us anywhere between €100 and €150. To be able to rescue as many dogs as possible, we need to ask you for a minimum of €80 for the adoption. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions.

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