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Finca La CastellanaAnimal Welfare Centre

Registered Charity No. CV-01-051201-A

Nearly 2 years ago we started rescuing dogs from Cereco, a centre near Crevillente where dogs found roaming the area are taken and fully destroyed. We pay a basic fee for each dog and for an extra cost can include passport, microchip, rabies vaccination and most importantly sterilization. 

To date we have saved nearly 150 dogs and with just 50 Teamers we could save an extra life each month!


Years of






Through Teaming

When the COVID 19 pandemic started most of our fundraising activities stopped and it made us realise just how much we depended on them. Asking you to donate just €1 a month, means that with enough people, we would be able to have a steady income for anything life throws at us in the future.

With more Teamers in our group we can help so many more animals that deserve to live a happy life with caring people.

If you are not interested but know friends, neighbours or family who might be, then please help us spread the word about the work that we do by passing on this information. We would love to welcome them as members!

So please join our group today and donate just €1 per month and help an animal have a better life.

There are no commission charges so 100% of your donation goes to the charity and helps an animal in need

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With your help - together we CAN make a difference